Training Documents:

NFHS Officials Manual 2018-2019

CYO Stroke & Turn Judge Training Doc (2009-2010, still current).

CYO - Sample DQ Cards

LInk to USA Swimming S&T Judge Training Videos

Training Videos :

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3
Video 4 Video 5 Video 6

Review of the files:

1. Legal Fly on both swimmers. Okay.

2. A. 1st swimmer, Back to Breast exchange, close to touching on front, benefit to swimmer. Okay B. Breaststroke swimmer, 2nd swimmer with brighter pink cap, pulling past hips, multiple times, DQ. It also looks like a flutter kick was being used after the breaststroke kick, but poor view due to glare. This would have been more evident just after the camera switched to the next swimmer). C. Second Breaststroker, near lane, using a very visible flutter kick between breaststroke kicks, DQ (also pulling past hips sporadically).

3. A. Boy doing Fly, Okay. B. Girl in pink cap, Fly, no over-water recovery of arms/hands. DQ

4. No DQ on any swimmer. Touch on exchange was close. Unable to determine if touch was made by incoming back swimmer while still on back before turning to front. Benefit to swimmer, no DQ.

5. A. Back to Breast exchange, Breaststroker turned to front before wall. DQ. B. Breaststrokers, both swimmers are pulling past hips, multiple times. DQ.

6. Unable to view the touch from observers position, even though it looks like a one hand touch. Benefit to swimmer, okay, no DQ.

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