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Contact Flag Football

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Comparing Contact Flag Football to Rookie Tackle Football

Q: What is Rookie Tackle Football and Contact Flag Football?
A: Both are fun, modified youth football games centered on skill development. According to USA Football, the modified youth football game is "In alignment with the U.S. Olympic Committee's American Development Model, it is a 'right-age, right-stage' concept... Similar to tee-ball and 'coach pitch' baseball as well as 5-a-side soccer,... [and] is designed to be a bridge between flag and 11-player tackle football."

Q: Do Contact Flag and Rookie Tackle players wear the same football equipment?
A: Yes. For both games players wear helmet, shoulder pads, padded pants and cleats. Contact Flag players also wear helmet, shoulder pads and cleats but do not wear padded pants. Instead they will wear uniform shorts and flag belts.

Q: Do Contact Flag players experience the same contact as Rookie Tackle players?
A: No. Although most contact is the same in both games, the primary exception is how a player advancing the ball is stopped by the opposing team. The Contact Flag player is stopped by pulling the flag from their belt. The Rookie Tackle player is stopped by a physcal take-down (tackle) until at least one knee touches the field.

Q: Does Contact Flag Football and Rookie Tackle have the same number of players on the field per team?
A: Yes. game squads will number six, seven or eight players at a time.

Q: Does Contact Flag Football and Rooke Tackle play on the same modified field size?
A: Yes. The playing field size is scaled for a youth athlete's age and skill level. The field dimensions are 40-yard-by-35-yard and will allow two games to be played simultaneously on a regulation-sized field.

Q: Does Contact Flag and Rookie Tackle introduce and keep players in specialized positions?
A: No. Players learn all positions and skills. They will be required to rotate into all positions advancing the ball and on the line of scrimmage.

Q: Are Contact Flag and Rookie Tackle players allowed to be in a three-point "down position"?
A: No. Players advancing the ball and on the line of scrimmage every play also begin in a two-point "heads up" stance.

Q: Does Contact Flag and Rookie Tackle game include Kick-off and Punt?
A: No. "Special Teams" have been removed allowing for safer play, more plays from scrimmage and better skill development.

Q: How many players are on a team and, how much playing time will they experience?
A: Contact Flag and Rookie Tackle teams will range from 10-15 players allowing for more game time and focused coaching in general.


Scott Kneefel
Director of CYO Football

Phone: 503-231-9484


Equipment Checkout
July - Last Week
August - First Two Weeks
Weekday Dates TBD

Practice Begins
On or After
Aug 13 for 7-8

Aug 20 for 5-6
Aug 27 for K-2, 3-4
Start dates and schedule
at coach discretion.

Regular Season Games
September - October
First Game 9/8

Post Season Games
November 3, 10, 17

Teams form and practice
in these boundaries.

NW Oregon

SW Washington