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Club Accounting Forms (Locked)

The forms here are for the CYO Accounting System and require a password for access, which you should have received at the Athletic Director Meeting. **To use these forms, right-click the title of the form and Save As or Download Linked File As to your computer. Open the form from your computer for each use and Save As a new copy.

Refund Request Form

(sports reg fees)

CYO Check Request


Club Sponsored Aid Request

Club Deposit Detail

Payroll Forms

These forms are for anyone who you hire to work at your gym, for your Club, etc. If they are brand new they will need to fill out both forms, but if they are returning and already in the CYO system they just need to submit the W4.

I9 Form


Time Sheet

AD Certification Forms/Requirements

The following forms need to be filled out on an annual basis by the Athletic Director and submitted to Jolie Abraham Phanton, Director of Communications.

Athletic Director Contract

Athletic Director Contact Info

Club Board Directory1

Club Minutes2

CYO Commission Application3

Event Notification Form4

Year End Club Assessment Form5

50% Eligibility Exception Request

1 Should be filled out in August with new members.

2 Please submit to Jolie Abraham Phanton, Director of Communications after each board meeting. You may use this form or another format.

3 For those interested in joining one of our our sports commissions.

4 Must be filled out if you are participating in an outside event, bringing another team in to practice, having a fundraising event or any type of open gym/clinic.

Must be filled out at the end of the fiscal year; by August 31st and submitted to the Director of Communication.

Background Check - Must be submitted annually (per school year)

Gym Forms & Other Misc. Forms

Facility Use Schedule I & II Gate Entry Fee
Injury Incident Report Form General Incident Report Form
Coaching Evaluation Form

Sport Certificates

Volleyball Certificate Hot Shots Certificate
Swim Certificate Basketball Certificate
Track & Field Certificate