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CYO/Camp Howard is based on Christian principles that reinforce sound human and social values. It exists to provide opportunities for people of any race, nationality or religion to discover and be reassured of their self-worth as individuals and valuable members of society. It provides activities of a social, cultural and recreational nature. From this awareness, people will be encouraged to use their talents in service to others of their community.

A common philosophy of CYO/Camp Howard must be understood and practiced by all adult leaders, administration, volunteers, counselors and parents to avoid confusion, disagreements and confrontations. By understanding a common philosophy, everyone can work together to meet the needs of the youth involved.

CYO/Camp Howard exists to provide opportunities for youth to participate in activities under conditions that are safe, enjoyable and promote Christian attitudes of fair play and cooperation. CYO/Camp Howard has concern for the whole person, made up of body, mind and spirit. An attempt should be made to respond to the interests and needs of the individual by encouraging total growth and development of the young person. Physical fitness, positive mental attitude and spiritual growth are all important in developing the whole person.

Participation in CYO/Camp Howard alone does not guarantee sportsmanlike attitudes and values, such as honesty, fair play and citizenship. Parents, adult leaders and counselors must be role models and explain why these behaviors are appropriate.